Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mixed Media And the PINK winner is...

Mixed media
Hola Buen día! hoy es Pink saturday, y me gustaría compartir un cuadro que realice con técnica mixta. Me encanta trabajar con texturas y pátinas.
Además hoy les digo quien gano mi giveaway, lo eligió Mr. Tom, recorte los 36 comentarios y los arroje encima de Mr. Tom, decidí que el que caiga al azar en su manito sera el ganador y...el ganador es...
Hello G´ day!  Today is Pink saturday, and I'd like to share with you my  painting with mixed media. I love working with textures and patinas.
Also, today I say who won my giveaway,  I cut 36 comments and I throw the papers over Mr. Tom, I decided that the paper falls in his little hand,  will be winner and . .. the winner is. ..
El ganador es... / In the winner is...
¡Felicitaciones! Congratulation Beverly at How sweet the sound!
Until next time..... Be sure to check out all the other great pink post at How sweet the sound


  1. Happy PS, Marina! Your kitty is so sweet!

  2. What a cutie kitty you have dear....

    Congratulations to Beverly!!

    New to Pink Saturday and doing my random blog hop..

    Happy PS!

  3. Congratulations Beverly!!
    Happy pink saturday!!!

  4. Thank you for making me smile. I love how you used your kitty for picking the winner. Too cute. Thanks. I needed a smile today.

  5. I think that is the best way to pick a winner, what fun to have the kitty play. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  6. Happy Pink Saturday.

    Thank you for your beautiful post. Your kitty is adorable.

    Have a nice day.

  7. Hi Marina, I am still laughing at your falling names. What a fun idea. I also am smiling because you said Mr. Tom's little 'hand.' Last I heard, cat's have paws. You know I am teasing you because I love you my friend. Lucky, lucky Beverly. I called to tell her to visit you and she wasn't home. Did you know we have been friends 40 years? We live in the same state but five plus hours drive to see each other. Years ago we lived in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. and that is where we met. When she sees that she won your lovely painting, she will do a happy dance. She will hang it in her gorgeous craft room. It has pink everywhere.

    Have a wonderful day my dear faraway friend.
    Love, Jeanne

  8. that's a beautiful painting, congratulations to Beverly.

    Happy Pink Saturday Marina!

  9. Oh Mr Tom! I love him! You could
    see him watch the papers fall, so

    Thanks for visiting Flora Doora!
    You have a beautiful blog and
    beautiful artwork!

    Flora Doora

  10. Too cute and how fitting that Beverly won! Our fearless leader in all things PINK!

    Happy PS!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae@
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  11. Me!!!! I am so excited to win your gorgeous painting. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And, a very special thank you to Mr. Tom, too.♥

    Happy Pink Saturday, dear Marina.

  12. What a sweet, helpful kitty !! :) Happy Pink Saturday and Congratulations to your winner !!

  13. What a really cute post. Love your helper! And Congrats to Beverly. Yeah.

  14. Very cute blog !
    Best wishes from Germany!

  15. Mr Tom did a great job with his very important task. Congrat to the winner.

    Mr Tom is so handsome. Rocky says "hi" to him.


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