Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pink scrapbook

Scrapbook by Marina Capano

y contribution for this Pink Saturday is this Scrapbook. I made it with diferent papers and stickers!
Mi contribución para Pink saturday es este scrapbook que realice con diferentes papeles estampados y stickers.

My love for english language, it is a relationship that start it few years ago and today turned into a passion. Since my childhood I have studied english language, but amazingly I did not like it and any teacher or movie or band stimulated my interest in the language. But as an adult I began to have business meetings with foreigners and they could not understand that I could not speak english, this gave me a sence of shame. And one day I wanted to read Natasha Burn´s blog, who is wonderful artist I admire very much, I felt frustrated not being able to do so. Then three years ago I said enough, I must study english. So I began. And now I love this language and all the possibilities that I discovered knowing this beautiful language. Being able to read Natasha´s blog and many more blogs. Being able to travel and communicate. Even I have many grammar mistakes, I hope that in this enchange you can help me. If you read errors, your comments about them will be greatly appreciate. My older daughter and I, enjoy speaking english every day, and I really enjoy going to class with my nice teacher Luciana and my sweet friend Marili.
Now, it's time to go visit Beverly and check out all the other wonderful Pink Saturday posts. You're going to love it!
Marina xoxo


  1. Marina, I think you do an amazing job with the English language. Like you, I feel a sense of shame about now being fluent in Spanish. I studied it in high school and college, and I got high marks in school. But by not using it, I started to lose my edge. Now, I struggle. I can't remember words, and my grammar is not very good. The thing is, I know SO many more Spanish speaking people, so I really need to know it, particularly living in Florida. My godchildren's paternal grandparents both have Spanish as their first language, and that makes me want to speak it even more.

    Happy Pink Saturday to you!

    I'm proud of you, Marina!


    Sheila :-)

  2. I love your Blog, so bright and Pretty, the scrapbook is Darling, I scrapbook too. I'll be back to see more of your creations.

    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

    marian elizabeth

  3. Happy Pink Saturday Marina. It's fine really.I agree with Sheila. We are proud of you.
    And you a very creative.
    These are pretty pinkies.

    Happy weekend.

  4. Qué bonito, Marina!

    Creo que estás haciendo un buen trabajo con el inglés porque te esfuerzas en aprenderlo y practicarlo oralmente y por escrito, y seguro que dentro de nada ya no cometerás ningún error porque le pones muchas ganas. Yo también lo estoy intentando ;)

    Un beso!

  5. Happy Pink Saturday! You are doing very well learning the english language and should be very proud of your progress. Have a great weekend!

  6. Marina! You do English beautifully! You've inspired me, I have long desired to learn other languages. I love your pink scrapbook and hope your tv show goes beautifully!
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  7. Marina,
    I don't know why you would be ashamed at those meetings not speaking English. Your English is beautiful now, and I am glad that you started reading blogs because then I got to meet you.

    I love your beautiful pink scrapbook. Scrapbooking is still so popular here in the States. With your beautiful new studio you can film at home now?

    Happy Pink Saturday.


  8. Hello! Happy Pink Saturday! Your scrapbook pages are charming and I am so glad to meet you.

  9. Cute blog love your site,keep it pinky!

  10. Your English is wonderful Marina! I admire anyone who can speak more than one language. Your scrapbook is pink perfection!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. I wish that I could speak any foreign language as well as you do English it puts me to shame. I love your scrapbook. Its so pretty and wonderful

  12. Hi Marina!!!,your scrapbook is beautiful and very pink and sweet.Now in Spanish,also I practise english.Gracias por contestar mi pregunta sobre tu programa Marina,mis conocidas se admiraron porque me contestaste.Y Yo les dije:"vieron que, no solo es dulce y agradable por TV.?".Definitivamente no podré ver tu programa debido a que tengo DirecTV,pero recurro a la página de Utilísima.Y de esta manera te sigo.Un cariño grande desde la Patagonia Argentina,mucha luz en tu vida!!!

  13. Just found you and I'm so pleased......I am so impressed that you felt it was so important to learn English. Sometimes people feel put out if they have to learn our language .......but apparently you figured out how it can certainly benefit you.

    I've never visited Argentina.....but someday hope to do so.....and the Tango, oh is the most beautiful dance!!!


  14. Hi Marina! I'm impressed you've learned English and you speak it well. Now I love your scrapbook. I love to scrapbook too but haven't been doing it in a while! You're getting me all inspired.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Happy Pink Saturday! Lovely scrapbook.
    And your English is amazing.

  16. Your English is great, Marina. I've really enjoyed our emails over the past few years. I can see from when you started writing with me, to now, you have improved enormously!
    I know many people who speak English as a first language, and they still don't write as clearly as you do!
    Wonderful job!

  17. Happy Pink Saturday, my sweet Marina.

    I adore your pink scrapbook. It is so pretty and so very fun. I scrapbook, too, but I haven't accomplished much lately.

    I am so impressed with your English. You continue to improve all the time. I need to take some refresher Spanish classes. My Spanish has become pathetic from lack of use.

  18. Hola Marina, tu scrapbook esta super lindo, espero ver el paso a paso pronto por tu programa.
    Como tu dices es todo un reto escribir en Inglés.

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  19. Hello Marina, Your scrapbook is beautiful and also charming. It tells a lot about your love of pink. I wish I could see your show when you do the tutorial.

    I loved reading your story of learning English. I think English is a challenging language because so many words that are spelled the same have different meanings. If you make any errors in your grammar it just makes me smile. I think your English is very good. I took Spanish in HS but I have very little memory of what I learned. I think is is a great idea to speak with your daughter each day. She will have a great English skill when she grows up and it helps you too. I am very proud of you Marina.

    Happy Pink Saturday one day late. We have company again. Summer is very busy in our home in the mountains. So I am visiting today while our company is out visiting a waterfall not too far away.

    Happy pink Saturday my dear blogging friend.
    Love, Jeanne

  20. Hola Marina, cómo estás tú?, hace más de una semana que no podía entrar a tu blog, no se que había pasado, me alegro que sigas con él y no lo hayas cerrado.


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