Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don´t cry for me Argentina

Today is Outdoor Wednesday and we are joining Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer to see what is going on in the great outdoors. Stop in and visit all the other posts.
Hoy es Miércoles al aire libre, y nos sumamos a Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer para ver lo que está pasando en la naturaleza. Puedes visitar todos los demás puestos allí.

I´d love share with you "Flag Monument"Rosario, Rosario province Santa Fe. Argentina
Me gustaría compartir el "Monumento a la Bandera" Rosario, Provincia de Santa Fe. Argentina
Único Monumento del mundo dedicado a una Bandera.
Unique monument in the world dedicated to a flag.
National monument to the Flag Historical Monument Nacional (Santa Fe St. 581)_ One is facing the river. It has its origin in the installation of batteries, one of them Independence in the island Espinillo and the other Libertad on ravines of Parana river. It is in this last one where today is the monument, here the flag created by Manuel Belgrano it was hoisted the 27th February 1812 for the first time.
It is a project of the architects Alejandro Bustillo y Angel Guido, and the escultors Alfredo Bigatti and José Fioravanti. Made in travertino marble. Inaugurated the 20th June 1957. The change of the Honor guard of the National Monument to the Flag stands out the first Sundays of every month, which is integrated by soldiers of Regimiento Patricios.
The parks National of Bandera and Belgrano surround to this monument.
This particular representative symbol of the city of Rosary tries to represent the "ship of the Mother country", is divided in three parts:
-1- The Tower In its base is cripta of the general Manuel Belgrano.
-2- Civic Patio
-3- Propileo- Reproduce an athenian temple. Underneath is the Gallery of Honor of the Flags.


  1. Unique shots today
    and that song
    "don't cry for me Argentina"
    they play it also here ...... LOL
    hugs to Mr. Tom
    from kareltje =^.^=

  2. Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures.

    Now, I will have that lovely song in my head all day which is fine with me. I love it.

  3. Hello Marina!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! You also have a lovely blog! I also work with interior styling.
    Lucky you who lives in beautiful Argentina...
    See you! /susanne

  4. I'm singing "Don't cry for me Argentina" in my head now! Thanks so much for this interesting post!

  5. ... the truth is I´ve never left you.... Gracias Marina por este baño de cultura!!!!
    Y gracias también por tu visita de hoy.
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia

  6. Lovely shots. The stonework on the wall is just beautiful. Happy Outdoor Wednesday. Kathy

  7. Great shots, your title reminds me of the Evita movie

    Please check out our last road trip here in Korea.

  8. My son was in Argentina just last year and loved it there!

    My Outdoor Wednesday is the continuation from last week's, what we bought.

    The Peddler Show

    Happy Wednesday wishes to you.

  9. Happy Outdoor Wednesday! Argentina looks like a wonderful place to live. Hug "Tom" for me. What an adorable cat.
    Joyce M

  10. Marina, thanks for sharing information and photos of the memorial with us. Have a great Outdoor Wednesday.

  11. ups.... soy la primera de habla hispana hoy.... jijijij.... les gané a las demás.... muy lindo, argentina tiene bellos monumentos y con mucha historia, muy importante...
    los pastelitos del post anterios.... que tiernos... me dio hambre y yo con régimen cetogénico por el colesterol. grgrgrgrggrr....
    besitos mil....

  12. Marina qué bonito post :)
    En estas épocas difíciles, emociona ver flamear nuestra Bandera y pensar lo que le costó a grandes hombres defender nuestra patria...


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