Friday, August 7, 2009

Pink painting and The world cat´s day

Hello, I would love to share my pink watercolor of a dining room
Hola, me gustaría compartir esta acuarela rosa que pinte de un comedor.

And this watercolor that I made with a painting with details in pink.
y esta acuarela que hice con un cuadro con detalles rosas.
For a list of lots of folks with PINKS to share, please visit Beverly at HOW SWEET THE SOUND!!!Thanks go out to Beverly for working so hard to keep our Pink Saturdays up and running!!!

On the world cat´s day, Let us celebrate! August 8
I want to share with you pictures of some beautiful cat friends that I have shared my life with until today. My first cat was called Michi. I enjoyed his company until I was 12 years. And then in my teens I found on the street a beautiful cat was called "Dindi", who accompanied me on my design studies. She had 7 kittens. I fell in love with a beautiful kitty of her, "Mina" is a grey cute cat, that still lives in my parent´s house. She´s 16 years old!!!and she is my for ever love. So, I started helping injured cats. Some cats I give others person and other cats lived with me in my parent´s home. I had a lot of cats, I thinks about 30. Now, We have Mr. Tom in my own home.
En el día mundial del gato, vamos a celebrar! 8 de agosto
Quería compartir con ustedes algunas imágenes de hermosos amigos
gatos que han compartido mi vida hasta hoy. Mi primer gato se llamo Michi. He disfrutado de su compañía hasta que tenía 12 años. Y luego en mi adolescencia me encontré en la calle a una hermosa gata que llame "Dindi", y me acompañó en mis estudios de diseño en la Universidad. Ella tuvo 7 gatitos. Me encanto una de sus hijas, a la que llame Mina. Es un linda gata gris, que aún vive en la casa de mis padres. Ella tiene 16 años de edad! Y es mi amor para siempre. Entonces, a partir de alli, empecé a ayudar a los gatos heridos. Algunos gatos regalaba a otras personas y otros gatos vivían conmigo en la casa de mis padres. Tuve una gran cantidad de gatos, Yo creo alrededor de 30. Ahora, nosotros tenemos a Sr. Tom en mi propia casa.

Mr. Tom

Dindi, I miss her!

Dindi with her children. (16 years ago)
Dindi con sus hijos

My love Mina, She´s 16 years old. Dindi´s Daughter She lives in my parent´s home.
Mi amor Mina, tiene 16 años. Es hija de Dindi. Vive en la casa de mis padres

Alfonso (Himalayan) I miss him!!

Chunqui y Rene are 14 years old. They live in my parents´home.

Felina, I miss her!! La extraño!

Baby Rene

Mina,Iván, Sofía, Rene, Inesita...

Rodolfo e Inesita.
I love cats, they are excelent company for an artist!
Me encantan los gatos, ellos son una excelente compañia para un artista
Please, Don't forget to visit Zoolatry, on world´s cat day!!
Have a lovely day!


  1. Hola Marina que lindos gatos y lindos trabajos, te veo en la tele sos muy dulce.


  2. Yay! World Cat Day. :D You've had and have some beautiful kitties.

    yapping cat

  3. Hi Marina..
    I found your blog from your comment on have such a beautiful blog,I'll sure be coming back again to finish reading your posting.
    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy World's Cat Day. Enjoy your weekend
    My posting for World's Cat Day will be up in a moment. Feel free to visit anytime, I love company :-)

  4. Hi Marina
    LOVELY post today,
    so many beautiful cats
    in your life :)
    Kareltje is my first Cat,
    he is 11 years :)
    I have enjoyed your pictures and beautiful words :)

    hugs to Mr. Tom

    Kareltje =^.^=

  5. Marina... what lovely photos of so many wonderful kitties. You've been blessed (as they have as well) to have them all in your life. Happy World Cat Day to one and all. Your friends, Maggy and Zoey and Ann from Zoolatry.

  6. Thanks for sharing Pretty pinks and sweet cats. Happy Pink Saturday.

  7. Up bright and early. Sitting in my new pink chair. Stopping by to say happy pink Saturday.

    Hugs Patti Cakes

  8. Happy pink saturday!!!
    Adorable y emotiva entrada con tus gatitos.
    En familia de veterinarios creci rodeada de todo tipo de animalitos.
    De niña tenia dos gatos "Napoleon" todo negrito con el pecho blanco y "Federica" gris.
    Amo a los animales.
    Lindo fin de semana.

  9. Thank you for sharing the photos of all the beautiful kitties that have shared and continue to share your life.

  10. hola marina, preciosas las acuarelas, relajantes... ese es el sentimiento que me inspiro el verlas.
    muy bellas las fotos de tus gatos, mi primera gatita se llamó minina, uno nunca olvida ni el primer amor ni la primera mascota...
    ahora comparte con violeta que tiene 5 años nacio un 14 de febrero y leoncio que nacio este año el 2 de febrero asi me menuda fiesta que van a tener este par el otro año jajajajaa..... son mis amigos, mis confidentes y mis sacadores de penas con sus travesuras.
    cariños millll....

  11. Marina, Your paintings are beautiful. I have always loved watercolors. The cats are a delight for the eyes. They come into our lives and fill us with their love, then they depart, but they leave us with warm hearts and lots and lots of great memories, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  12. We is wishin' ebby kitty in the whole, wide world a safe and comfy WORLD CAT DAY. An we wish that for one day the whole world would do one thing nice fur a kitty that has no home.

  13. Your paintings are just fabulous!!

  14. Oh Marina, I just adore kitties. Every one of them makes my heart melt! I love the abstract painting on the wall in your watercolor. Beautiful work! HPS!

  15. Hello Marina.
    A cute and always a beautiful post!
    Happy weekend.

  16. Happy World Cat Day! You've had some wonderful kitty pals and your paintings are lovely!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  17. LOVELY post today,
    so many beautiful cats
    in your life :)
    Have a nice Pink Saturday !
    Rini the Netherlands

  18. You are very talented. Thanks for letting me know about world cat day, I'm off to hug our "Alley."

    Please stop by The Old Parsonage anytime, I love company.


  19. Qué lindo homenaje para tus gatitos Marina!
    Hoy le daremos besitos extra a Paquito ( más todavía! )jajaja y rezaremos por Caty, que está en el cielo de las mascotas♥

  20. Que lindo post! tan emotivo! recuerdo que cuado era peque teníamos en casa un gato hermoso, se llamaba Mr Morrison! todo blanco, y era el preferido de mamá, era un amor recíproco!
    Gracias por pasar por mi casita, Chicho les manda un besito enoooorme a todos ustedes "bicheritos cariñosos" Muuuuack!!

  21. thanks so much for sharing your beautiful kitties! such a wonderful post! :D

  22. I did not know it was World Cat Day! Goodness! I love my two cats! They are so friendly and loving, they DO deserve their own special day! I like your watercolor! Happy Pink Saturday and Cat Day!

  23. Oh wow, you do AMAZING art work!!! The watercolors are fabulous!

    Lovely tribute to the kitties who have shared your life. Mr. Tom looks so much like our Ferris!

    Happy World Cat Day!

  24. Hello Marina, your art work is beautiful. The detail is so perfect. I 'love' your art work. It makes me happy that you share your lovely art with us.
    Just when I thought your post was done, I was so pleased to visit all of your wonderful cats through the years. Yes, you are a lover of cats. I loved the many photos of your sweet cats. Mr. Tom is very lucky to have you for a 'mom'

    Happy pink Saturday. I want to mention that the dolls are from a collection in a castle we visited out west. I love them too. I took the photos while visiting the castle. They were so pretty in pink.


  25. Hi Marina,
    I love your interior compositions, they are gorgeous! I didn't know that this was world Cat day. They are excellent company for an artist. My cat Mittens is so quite and polite. My puppies always want to play.

    Happy Pink Saturday,


  26. Marina...I adore cats too...and they are so perfect for artists.
    Thank you for sharing those very special photos.
    Hope you are having a very lovely Pink Saturday!
    xo Tami

  27. Beautiful artwork Marina and the kitties are all so cute! I miss not having a cat. I had them growing up, but haven't had one in 10 years. Yours are all very unique little felines. Have a beautiful weekend.


  29. Hi Marina! I love your paintings, they are such a pleasure. Thank you for sharing photos of all the kitties that have been a part of your life. Happy Pink Saturday!

  30. You are an amazing painter! :)
    We just love kitties~ these are very sweet photos!!!!!


  31. thank you for sharing all your cuddly kitties with us!

    Love, Dana and Daisy

  32. You are so talented Marina and I do love all the kitties... That last one is my cat spot on. Happy Belated Pink Saturday xo Lynn

  33. Your watercolors are amazing.Very beautiful.
    Your cats are gorgeous.I love cats.I always had cats, until now.I miss having them.Yours are just precious.XXOO Marie Antionette

  34. Hello, Marina,
    You are a very talented painter! I enjoyed looking at your painting and your beautiful kitties. Mr. Tom is a very handsome man! I have my own cat, Bandit, and feed two others that the neighbors left when they moved away. Thanks for visiting me at Bunny Cottage. Vicki

  35. Happy Pink Sat,Your cats are just beautiful.I love cats too and have 6 of them.My Phoenix just passed away 3 weeks ago,still so sad about it.Stop by if you have time.Hugs,Jen

  36. Marina, hermoso posteo !! A mi tambien me gustan mucho los gatos, tuve muchos, el ultimo Micky, quedo en casa de mi madre, y murio hace unos años, era super mimoso !!! Divinas tus acuarelas tambien !!
    Happy Pink Saturday !!!! (bastante atrasado... jajaj )


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