Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Lighthouse - Faro Querandi
Estos mágicos pájaros beben agua azucarada en una galería frente al mar.
These magical birds drink sugared water in a gallery in front of the sea.
Rutas Argentinas-Argentinian route
Océano Atlántico-The Atlantic Ocean
Paseo de los rosales en Mar de las Pampas-Argentina
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  1. Marina me recordaste mis vacaciones en Mar de las Pampas.Que lugar maravilloso,tan magico y acogedor.
    Con los faros en general me sucede que me trasmiten magia...son enigmaticos...
    Te dejo un beso y como siempre disfruto pasar por aqui.

  2. hola Marina gracias por tu vista :) que lugares!!! justo lo que necesito para descansar del trabajo y clases jeje.....

    saludos cordiales

  3. Looks like great fun! I have an award for you on my blog, come see.

  4. What a beatuful place!
    Voy a ir la playa estoy ansiosa por estar descansando enfrente del mar abajo del la sombra tomando un refresco helado y jugando con mi nino haciendo castillos de arean.
    voy a tomar muchas fots y los voy a poner in mi blog para que los puedas ver!te extrano mi amiga espero saber de ti pronto! que tengas un bune fin de semana te mando un abrazo y un beso!
    tu tocya :)

  5. Hello again! What stunning photos! You amaze me with your talent. There is a TV show on in the States that is called "The Mole" and this season they are in Argentina! What a breathtaking landscape. The show isn't that good but the scenery is awesome! I watch it because of you.

    I adore hummingbirds. When we lived in Virginia, I had hummingbirds that returned to my garden every year. When I sat outside to watch them they would come down and land on me! They would also fight each other as they are very territorial. Birds are one of my favorite things.

    Hope to get back to visit you again soon!


  6. Hi Marina, I dropped by to see what is new in your part of the world. As always I love seeing pictures of your homeland. I may never have the opportunity to visit but I have been introduced to many beautiful sights because of you.

  7. Marina,
    I am so happy that you visited my blog! How brave of you to learn to speak English. I enjoyed looking at your blog. I looked at pictures of your house, and you are correct, your house does look very much in the Victorian style. You are the first person I have blogged with outside of the United States and it is really exciting. I will put you on my blogroll so I can visit you again.


  8. Tan bonita!!!! Cunta me gusta los colibri...tenemos muchos aqui tambien...they are so cute!!!

    M ^..^

  9. Beautiful photogaphs Marina! I love to visit lighthouses.
    Hav e agood weekend!

    Hugs, Pat

  10. Marina....
    What a great surprise that I had a visitor from Argentina!....It's amazing how the small the world can actually be with Blogging.
    Thank for visiting my little space...I just started and have found this to be lots of fun.
    Your site is like taking a quick vacation, the pictures are wonderful. Your artwork especially your pencil work is beautiful. I read that you have a t.v. show as well, do you have a link to it?
    Again, thanks for visiting and hope to go to your part of the world in the future.
    Tu nueva amiga,desde Tejas


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