Thursday, July 1, 2010

Outdoor jacuzzi

Porque no animarse a un Jacuzzi exterior, agua caliente, relajación con una buena vista.
Si no desea nadar, es muy recomendable esta opción, sin mantenimiento de agua como en una piscina, una manera de disfrutar del placer del agua leyendo un libro o bebiendo su bebida favorita.
An outdoor Jacuzzi, hot water, relaxing with a good view.
if you do not want swim, It´s highly recommend this option, the water´s maintenance is better than a pool, a way to enjoy the pleasure of water with a book or a drink.

Vista desde el jacuzzi.
View from Jacuzzi

Vista desde la cocina.
View from kitchen.

Relax en la noche
Relax at night

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  1. So nice to meet you, Marina. It is exciting to read about people in other countries. I would love to visit Argentina.

    I love your blog header and the name of your blog,"Only Cute things".

  2. Magnificas fotos,de solo verlas me da tranquilidad.
    Besos,mañana paso a ver tu sabado rosa.

  3. Hello Marina,

    Thanks so much for visiting!
    This is such a wonderful place in the all these trees!
    I have World Cup fever and have been very busy watching games...

    Vamos Argentina, manana!

    ~ Gabriela ~


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