Friday, August 21, 2009

Pink Saturday

My pink contribution for this Pink Saturday is this wonderful pink Snapdragon.
Antirrhinum majus (Common Snapdragon)is a species of Antirrhinum native to the Mediterranean region.

Mi contribución rosa para este Pink Saturday es este maravilloso conejito rosa. Antirrhinum majus (boca de dragón) es una especie de Antirrhinum nativa del Mediterráneo German shepherd´s puppy.
Mrs. Danielle Rousseau.
y...mi cachorra ovejera Alemán
Mrs. Danielle Rousseau.

Isn't she so cute?!!! She is so funny and she is so cool!
No es linda?!!! es muy divertida.

This Pink Living painting. I painted it when I was 18 years old. I sold it.
I'd like to dedicate to Karen at A SCRAPBOOK OF INSPIRATION.
Now it’s time to visit Beverly’s blog “How Sweet the Sound” for more PINK surprises.Thank you so much for visiting me and have a great weekend!
Este cuadro de un Living rosa lo pinte cuando tenía 18 años. Ya lo he vendido.

Me gustaría dedicarselo a Karen at A SCRAPBOOK OF INSPIRATION.
Ahora es tiempo de visitar a Beverly’s blog “How Sweet the Sound” para mas sorpresas ROSAS. Muchas gracias por visitarme y espero tengas buen fin de semana!


  1. 1. I didn't even know snapdragons came in pink (shows how much I know about flowers).
    2. I love Mrs. Danielle! OMG... SO CUTE!
    3. YOU are an amazing painter! WOW!

  2. ¡Qué lindas las fotos! Y la cachorra...que ágil.
    Happy Pink Saturday, nos vemos.

  3. Happy Pink Saturday.....
    Lovely flowers and
    a very Cute dog really action shots :))))

  4. snap dragons were my sons favorite when he was little and we went to the garden shop! Yours is so pretty! And your doggie is a cutie also! I wish I could paint like you!

    Happy Pink Saturday


  5. Good Morning, so glad to see more flowers.Snapdragons are so pretty. Your painting is beautiful. Glad you have a picture of it even if you sold it. Happy Pink! Meg

  6. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Danielle is adorable!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  7. En mi casa de la infancia estaba llena de conejitos de todos los colores.
    A mi mama le gustaban mucho y nunca faltaban en el jardin.
    Russo divina.
    Happy pink saturday!!!

  8. Marina...I love snapdragons...especially pink ones! Great post!
    May I e-mail you for some advice? I want to paint a childs table and chair for my new granbabes room...and would love some of your expertise!

  9. Hi Marina the snapdragon is so pretty. The painting is awesome.
    And the dog is cute and playful
    Great pink post!

  10. Oh Marina, Thank you for mentioning my blog. I love your puppy and especially his pink coat. Marina, I adore this interior. Did you see my post about Susan Rios, she became famous by painting her interiors.

    I love all of your work, but your interiors are AMAZING.

    Happy Pink Saturday. Karen

  11. Snapdragons are one of my favorite flowers that grew in my grandmother's garden. Thanks for sharing these lovely pink ones. I think your pink painting is terrific!

    Hope to see you over at my place for a Pink Zephyranthes Saturday!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. The snapdragon is really pretty but Mrs. Rousseau is adorable!! Happy pink week!

  13. Preciosos esos conejitos Marina, me encantan, lastima que vivo en un departamento, ademas estoy muy ligada a la jardineria, ya que mi marido, Leonardo es Te´nico en Jardineria y Botánica, hizo su secundario en el jasdín Botánico, ama su profesión, lamentablemente no puede dedicarse full time a ella, pero la tiene como seguno trabajo.
    Feliz Pink Saurday y que tengas un lindo finde !!!!

  14. Hermosas flores y tu perrita es hermosa, muy alegre y jugetona. El cuadro una maravilla.
    Muy buen sábado rosa :)
    Un abrazo,

  15. I ♥ snapdragons. Yours are in such soft, sweet colors.

  16. I hate to be a broken record, but it's cold and gloomy here today and it rained all day yesterday! Hoping that I can get outside a bit to check out my gardens☺ Pink Saturday is bringing a little much needed and very welcome color into my home today. Thanks so much for participating. It's always so nice to visit your blog and see what's going on.

    How did you manage to do two of my favorite things in life: snapdragons and German Shepherd Dogs! ♥ it like crazy!

    Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and everyone you l♥ve. I'm hoping mine will be dry☺

  17. I love pink snapdragons! And I love German shepherds too! They are so smart. Your painting is beautiful. I would love to have a living room decorated in those colors.
    Have a wonderful pink Saturday.

  18. Hola amiga que hermoso es poder pasar un sabado por aca un beso

  19. Beautiful flowers and what a cute puppy. Your painting is amazing.

    Thank you for stopping by to say Hi. I hope you have a lovley Pink weekend. :)

  20. Hello dear Marina, I do love snapdragons and I should try to grow some. So sweet in Pink. The German Shepard puppy is so cute in the pink sweater. Did I tell you we are getting a poodle puppy this fall? We are so excited and feel it is time to move on after losing our Babette last Christmas.

    Your interior room is so 'beautiful' and you were only 18 years old. What talent you have Marina. I truly love all that you paint.

    Happy Pink Saturday.


  21. Marina your painting is fabulous. You should do these and sell them as a hobby or a profession! Wow! Cute doggy!

  22. ohh que flores mas lindas, y HERMOSA la perrita, mi novio le encantan los perritos asi grandes, de verdad es un amor, esta linda, linda, linda, ohhh que belleza y parece bien juguetona la princesita, el cuadro hermoso de verdad, aha "la vie en rose" ....

    besos mil amiga
    te queremos mucho
    alex y rukia

  23. Lovely blog! Happy Pink Saturday, such a sweet pink post. I had a German Shepherd for 13 years, we loved her so much. I would love to have another one day. My sweet girl never wore such a cute pink outfit though!
    I am going to follow you to keep up with you both!

  24. Those pink snaps are gorgeous. I can see you like the color combination of pink and lime green, just like in your wonderful painting. I would buy it also! Thanks so much for visiting. I like your blog.

  25. Beautiful snapdragons and I love that painting, Marina! Happy Pink Saturday!

  26. Marina, you are brilliant ray of sunshine for Pink Saturday. I love coming to visit you. And, I love all of your pinks today. Your painting is gorgeous.

    And, your puppy is precious.

  27. Hola Marina,que sorpresa me lleve cuando vi a la perrita jugando!!!jaja,es muy bonita.
    Los conejitos me hacen recordar a mi infancia,yo los hacia hablar,jajaj!!
    besos y gracias por todos los recuerdos q me hiciste vivir!

  28. preciosa tu cachorra , a mi con suerte me aguantan las gatitas aunque ahi ando tirando los puntos por un labrador.... lento pero seguro jijjiji... me arranque al compu en ratito pero te cuento que estoy pintando la cajita que te conté, mientras seca aprovecho de avanzar unos aros tambien.... ufffff.... no importa gracias a dios que me da trabajo.
    cariños millll....

  29. I used to plant snapdragons in our garden but stopped. I really don't know why. They have such a simple but delicate look. Amazing dog!

  30. gracias por visitar mi tiendita.... ella me ayuda muchisimo en donde vivo pues la gente donde trabajo entra y despues me ubica en mi oficina para hacerme encargos asi que le tengo un cariños especial.
    besitos millll.....

  31. Happy Pink sat, Beauitful flowers and your German Shepard is just so pretty in her pink coat.You did a great job on your living room painting.Stop by if you have time.Hugs,Jen

  32. I love your puppy's outfit and you are a wonderful artist.

  33. Lovely pink post.
    Happy PS and have a great weekend

  34. It is very nice to meet you! You have a beautiful blog! You have a pretty dog. Thank you for visiting our blog today and following us! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  35. Your puppy is so very sweet. And the snapdragons are one of my favorites. Happy Pink Saturday.

  36. Hola Marina, como llaman la primavera esas flores!
    Tu perrita es muy juguetona, yo tengo una que fue esrilizada hace un mes, y se puso regalona.

  37. Hi Dear Marina,That is the prettest snapdragon.But of course I love your German Shepard.They are beautful dogs and your is gordeous. So playful. Love your first painting.Not bad for the first time, and to sell it too...fantastic.XXOO Marie Antionette

  38. Hello, Marina,
    Snapdragons are wonderful flowers. I think they are perfect for a cottage garden. Your puppy is so cute and playful. I love your painting, too. Have a happy weekend. Vicki

  39. Hi Marina, When I was a little girl we used to pick snapdragons and put them on our ears and pretend they were earrings. Happy Pink Saturday.

  40. Hola, pasaba para saludarte y agradecerte tu visita y comentario!!
    Muy lindo el cuadro de los 18 años!! toda una artista, me gustó mucho!!
    y tu perrita maravillosa!!
    un abrazo desde Chile!!

  41. I adore that painting! It is so beautiful! Your dog is very sweet, and so are your pretty flowers for Pink Saturday.

  42. Oh my gosh..
    You are an amazing and talented painter. Your work is just gorgeous.
    Happy Pinks,,and have a lovely week.

  43. I hate I missed PINK Saturday! I was Sick and it was My Sons 3rd Birthday! I do love those flowers!

  44. Beautiful snapdragons! And I love the picture you painted and it DOES remind me of Karen's work!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog ~ you are entered in my giveaway ~ good luck!

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  45. Hi Marina

    Your Mrs. Danielle is such a sweetie. I love her pink coat.

    Beautiful painting. I love interiors.

    Hugs Karen

  46. Divina Danielle! asi me gustan divertidas y juguetonas!! besitos para ella!
    los conejitos mi hicieron recordar a mi infancia, en mi jardín había muchos conejitos!!
    hermoso cuadro! muy linda semana!! Muuuack!!

  47. I love that painting, sweet to dedicate it to Karen Harvey Cox, she is so talented and generous. We call the snapdragon the lions' mouth, I think you can see why. Well I am a tad late to wish you a happy pink Saturday as I was away for the weekend, but I wish you a happy week!

  48. Did my comments vanish, or do you have the moderator on? Let's check....

  49. fashionably Late is always the way to be! Thank Goodness its PINK TGIP

  50. Hola Marina!
    Gracias para visitar nuestro blog. Que lejos está Argentina de Alemania y que gracia que tienes un pastor alemán. : ) Mr. Tom es muy guapo!
    Ronroneos, Siena Y Chilli

  51. Hola Marina, queria decirte que tenes un blog super dulce y lindo! Ademas yo siempre te sigo en utilisima.
    Me hice seguidora tuya y ademas puse tu link en mi blog... estas invitada a verlo.


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