Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pink Saturday

Today is Pink Saturday again at Bev's How Sweet The Sound
Mi contribución para este sábado rosa son las flores de mi jardín
My contribution to this Pink Saturday are pink flowers from my garden
Mientras, en Buenos Aires (Argentina) renace la vida con la primavera, en la Patagonia (Argentina) aun el invierno se hace sentir con montañas y ciudades nevadas. La Argentina es fantástica tiene paisajes increíbles.
La Patagonia es mágica, un lugar que mereces conocer y volver.
While in Buenos Aires (Argentina) reborn life with the spring, in Patagonia (Argentina) still the winter is felt with snowy mountains and cities. Argentina is fantastic, has landscapes more incredible.
Patagonia is magical, a place that deserve to know and come back.
Bariloche en Provincia de Rió Negro
Ushuaia la ciudad mas austral del mundo en Tierra del Fuego Argentina-Ushuaia the southernmost city in the World
Flores rosas en Bariloche-Pink Flowers in Bariloche-Patagonia Argentina

Lago Nahuel Huapi en Rió Negro-Argentina

Bariloche en Primavera- Bariloche in spring
I love Pink Saturday! Thanks Beverly!
Have a nice Pink weekend
Que tengas un lindo fin de semana Rosa!


  1. I LOVE your beautiful pink flowers and your lovely pictures.
    Have a great Pink Saturday!

  2. Happy Pink Saturday!
    Lovely pink petunias...
    Bariloche looks like an enchanted place. It sure reminds me ski resorts we have here...
    I would love to visit Ushuaia!
    Thanks for sharing these spectacular photos!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  3. Happy Pink Saturday! The pink flowers in your garden are amazing. thanks for sharing. xoxo, Joanna

  4. Happy Sabado Rosa...
    Ok tell me how to say Happy. Por favor. Muchas gracias

  5. Happy pink saturday!!
    Nuestro pais es maravilloso,sus colores,paisajes ,el clima.
    Para mi el sur es un paraiso,me gusta mas en primavera por la diversidad de tonos en el paisaje.
    Besitos .

  6. What beautiful places! I wish I could see them in person! Your garden is full of lovely flowers, marina, my compliments to whoever is tending them.


  7. Buenas dias! Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. Oh, Marina. Those pink blooms are gorgeous, and I love petunias.

    Thank you for sharing pictures of all of the beautiful sights.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  9. Maravillosas fotos.
    Ten un Feliz Sabado Rosado!
    Bendiciones, Virginia

  10. Hi, Marina!!! Now you make me want to visit Patagonia! It looks very inviting!

    Thanks for the blog award. I've been so busy this week I haven't got my post finished for it, but I'm trying!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. Marina ~ I absolutely LOVE your photos of Argentina. My sister-in-law is from Cordoba, and she & my brother are returning there in November. It's so nice to see more of her culture, she gets so excited when speaking of it that her English goes crazy. And even though it's usually pretty good, I have to ask my brother what she said :)

    Happy Pink Saturday, and thank you for your visit to my blog as well!


  12. Beautiful Pinks. Happy Pink Saturday.

  13. Hola Marina!!!

    Feliz Sabado Rosa!!!

    Realmente nuestra Argentina es bella por donde la mires..!!

    Besitos desde Misiones!!

  14. Thanks so much for coming by to see me. Pls. come back soon.
    Your flowers are so beautiful...and the photos are fantastic.
    Happy weekend, bj

  15. Marina, your pink post as usual is so nice. The flowers are beautiful and the pictures of your country are too.
    I always enjoy your interesting post which includes places in Argentina. Thank you for a great pink post today.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  16. Happy Pink Saturday; I love all your pretty Pink flowers so very pretty. We are getting ready for fall here, so I have been buying my Asters and Mums. lol also loved the photos they are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend,.


  17. what a pretty town ! wow its so beauitful thank you for sharing the pictures, have a nice weekend ")
    love, marina

  18. Beautiful blooms and breathtaking landscape photos!

  19. Thank you for sharing these photos! Happy Pink Saturday!

  20. Oh My!!!! The flowers are BEAUTIFUL....the colors are amazing.
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures of your amazing pretty...
    Mo :-)

  21. Love the post. Pinkness to you . Kathy

  22. Marina,
    Beautiful flowers and landscapes....Love to visit Argentina...Beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by and gave a sweet comments...You have a Happy Pink Saturday...and a wonderful weekends...~Ktherinellen~

  23. Your pink flowers are gorgeous! Happy Pink Saturday!

  24. marina: gracias por tu sugerencia, hoy probé con firefox, y se abrió de inmediato, sin problemas, pude ver las imágenes y leer los mensajes
    besos, y gracias de nuevo

  25. Beautiful garden flowers. Is spring time for you? What is your climate like in the month of september? Happy Pink!

  26. Hi, and I'm sorry I'm a day late in responding to your Pink Saturday! What beautiful flowers.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  27. I always look forward to your pink post. The flowers are beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday

  28. Hola buenos dias...!! Paso a saludarte.

    May the morning light feed your heart and guide your life...



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